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Empower your people, and your organisation.


By Design



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With the Right Kind
of Support, Anyone
Can Coach Themselves 

Self-Coaching is a way of guiding yourself into a new, desired state - often by overcoming internal challenges. We believe that people have the power to take their professional development into their own hands. With a step-by-step program, and a support system to help them stay on target, it can actually be quite simple.


What We Offer

Self-Coaching is the art of guiding yourself towards your goals and desires, often by overcoming challenges. We give your people the tools they need in our online courses and workshops.

Instantly Scalable Programs | Coach Thyself

Instantly Scalable Programs

Onboard up to 99 people onto the same program, at the same time. Each student gets the guidance they need to complete the program independently.

Highly Personalised Content | Coach Thyself

Highly Personalised Content

Empower your people to work on what matters most to them. Self-Coaching guides them via a professional coaching process towards a result they choose.

Gamification and Community | Coach Thyself

Gamification and Community

Help your people enjoy their progress and achieve results. We support students with gamification and a community experience. It's actually fun!

Built-in Data Protection | Coach Thyself

Built-in Data Protection

Make your people feel safe and protect their privacy. Coach Thyself is confidential by design: only our students know what they are working on. 

Built for Humans, by Humans

Our programs are designed to let our students focus on their professional development with ease. We believe that your people deserve to make their goals come true. By working with

our natural need for gratification and connection, our students happily make time for this in their busy schedule.






Fun Experience

We Make Coaching Available to Everyone

Our dream: A world where everyone has access to the power of coaching. We are collaborating with fantastic partners to get a little bit closer to it. 

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What Our Workshop Participants Say

“Really great workshop, it felt amazing to be in a small group, the connection is important for this kind of session. It felt like a completely open and safe space to share.”


Self-Coaching Workshop Alumnus

“Thank you, it was so helpful to structure personal goals... I am taking the first step right now!”


Self-Coaching Workshop Alumna

“Thank you for being so warm with the whole group of participants, it felt like we where already connected. The energy was amazingly warm, calm and mindful.”


Self-Coaching Workshop Alumnus


Explore Our Pricing Options

Bring Self-Coaching to your people with our range of workshops and online programs. Whether you're on a budget and want to try out what Self-Coaching can do for your people, or if you need a custom-made solution for a large group - we've got you covered. 

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    Join a Course

    Individual Spots. Unbeatable Value. Great for Startups/ SMEs
    Valid for 3 months
    • Join a Cohort of Enthusiastic Self-Coaching Pioneers
    • Co-create a Brand New Course With Us
    • Enjoy Unlimited Access to the Final Product

Empower Your People to Take Professional Development Into Their Own Hands 

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